Custom Landing Page Development Vs Page Builders in WordPress

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Antonio C.

Landing Page Vs Page Builders

Have you ever wondered why some of the businesses online get more attention and revenue than the rest? Do you think they have a magic wand that they wave and get what they want? Once in a blue moon, maybe, but in most instances, no.

There are a lot of reasons for that, among which is the WordPress landing page. It plays a huge role in getting the attention of the users and retaining them.

A landing page is the first thing they see when they “land” on your website through any link or digital location. Landing pages are an important part of any website, as they are the first page visitors will see when they arrive. As such, it is important to create a landing page that is both visually appealing and informative.

But what’s the best way to create a WordPress landing page? Should you use a custom-built landing page or one of the pre-built WordPress page builders available?

In this guide, we’ll compare the two options so you can make an informed decision about your own custom WordPress landing page. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of using custom landing pages versus pre-built WordPress page builders for creating your own unique and effective WordPress landing pages.

6 Crucial Elements of an Effective Landing Page

For a winning landing page, you must focus on certain aspects to win customers. It is the first thing they see on your website; it must be attractive enough to give you high conversions.

Headline: An effective landing page has powerful headlines that help you grab readers’ attention.

Layout: It has a simple layout that matches your brand and its color palette.

Images: Relevant and visually pleasing images add to the website’s effectiveness.

Design: The design on your landing page is mobile and other device responsive.

From/CTA: A frictionless form is a must for a great landing page with a clear call-to-action (CTA).

Offer: An effective website has a compelling offer that is aligned with readers’ intent and needs.

WordPress Custom Landing Pages vs. Using WordPress Page-Builders – A Comparative Guide

A WordPress custom landing page is a tailored landing page built 100% for your custom needs. It separates your website well from other competitors. They can be built by WordPress developer with the help of coding and programming in the backend, or you can use page-builders and use their features to customize your wordpress website just the way you want it to be.

While a pre-built landing page is a template landing page that you put your data on and use as your own. Anyone can use the pre-built landing page, as it is public, but you may have custom color palettes and move elements here and there to adjust.

Pros and Cons of Custom WordPress Landing Pages Developed by Professional Designers

Custom WordPress landing pages are fruitful for the websites and businesses that have custom needs, and template web designs do not fulfill their needs. However, it is not always best for websites to go with wordpress custom landing page designs. You may wonder, “Why?” Let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of a custom design for your landing page together.

Pros Description
Addresses Needs Fully WordPress customized landing pages are designed and tailored according to your requirements, keeping specific audiences in mind. They 100% address your website and business needs, and you can alter them any time you want depending on your business.
High-quality The custom landing pages have high-quality web designs, and there is nothing that you will not need. You add features and elements that your business values with the level of customization that suits you.
High Customization You have plenty of room to test and tweak after launching your landing page. You can place anything anywhere with the help of custom wordpress coding or page builders.
Quick support services You have WordPress developers available to solve your landing page issues and bring about the desired changes to your website. You won’t have to wait or hire a separate developer to do the task.
Cons Description
Costly to build As much as websites want to differentiate themselves from the competition, customizing your website requires a significant investment. The cost is a lot to bear unless WordPress customization is more important and money is not the issue.
Slow hiring process You have to search for a WordPress developer (freelancer ) and research their development experience. Conducting interviews and hiring them is not as easy and quick as one might think.
Time Taking The development process is time-consuming and exhausting at times. The level of customization and the idea that you have envisioned may take a lot of time to be implemented, and unforeseen events may add to the development time.
Compatibility issues with present plugins As the landing page is custom-built, you may find it difficult to match its compatibility with every plugin that you use in the future. You must have your developers available to set it according to your needs and ensure that it runs and does not break with every plugin installation.

Pros & Cons of Using WordPress Page Builders for Your Website

While a custom landing page may be a good choice, WordPress pre-built or template landing pages may be an important choice to ponder among numerous other options while building your landing page. While opting for template or built-in wordpress landing pages, you must do your research and know what it has to offer and what can be a hurdle in it for your business.

Pros Description
Built with conversion in mind The standard landing pages are also created by WordPress developers, keeping in mind the market and conversions. It has features and element options like images and videos that you can add to your landing page. In short, it fulfills all of your basic needs
Less costly than custom designs As they are available on the market, they are not as costly as a custom wordpress landing page. These pages are designed by top designers, but because they are intended for general use, the cost is kept low so that everyone can benefit from them.
Fastest option Running ad campaigns has become a piece of cake because everything is ready to go without the need for a custom design. You can make your desired changes to fit your campaign or business goals in just a few hours.
Quick development Creating WordPress landing pages from scratch is time-consuming, and deciding what elements to include and how the page should look all takes a massive amount of time. The template landing page designs are developed by experts and have been tried and tested.
Hundreds of options The availability of hundreds of designs adds to the advantage of the built-in landing pages. There are many varieties to choose from when it comes to template landing pages. These options have been tested for hundreds of sites. Specific industries are kept in mind while designing these pages.
Cons Description
Do not fully address your needs Although these designs are developed by top developers, they still don’t have the full capability to address your requirements completely. They only fulfill the basic needs that each industry and market has. If you want an exceptionally unique design, you will have to prepare a custom one for yourself.
Rarely available support The antithesis of wordpress custom landing pages, template landing pages are built for public use, but the developers are not always available to answer your queries or solve any issues you may have on the web page.
Compromise on quality The built-in landing pages are very good and quick options to choose from, but you may have to compromise on quality a little bit. They may not have a solution to each of your needs and may not be as high quality as you want them to be due to their public usage and mass production.

What Are the Key Considerations When Choosing Between WordPress Custom and Pre-Built Solutions?

Choosing a wordpress custom or pre-built landing page is an important decision. There are many factors to consider before choosing a solution, such as:

Money, time, quality, and business size


Do you want to spend more money upfront to get your custom landing page built? Or would you rather spend less money upfront by using a pre-built solution?

WordPress Custom landing pages have a lot of benefits, but they can be expensive compared to pre-built ones. However, if you have a budget that is not yet set, then you should go with custom landing pages. It will save time and money because there are no designs that need to be made by yourself.


How much time would it take for you to build your own landing page? Would it be quicker and easier for you to just choose a pre-built solution?

Time is another key consideration while choosing between custom and pre-built solutions. While custom landing pages take more time than pre-built ones, they also give you more control over the design process and its results. So, if you have a limited amount of time at hand, go for custom solutions because they will give you better results than pre-built ones.


How will the quality of the completed website compare between wordpress custom and pre-built solutions? Is one better than the other in terms of security, reliability, and performance?

The quality factor is another important consideration when choosing between custom or pre-built solutions for your business needs. Pre-built landing pages are built using templates, which means that their quality depends on how many templates were used in creating them. But with custom

Business Size

If your company is small or medium-sized, then you will probably not be able to afford a custom solution for all of your landing pages. In that case, it is best to buy or rent a pre-built solution instead.

If your company has a large budget for advertising campaigns, then it is possible to use customized landing pages as well as pre-built ones. One thing is for sure: no matter what option you choose, one thing remains certain – if you don’t have enough money to create the perfect landing page, then at least invest in some creative ideas that will help promote your business more effectively.

Landing pages are your company’s first impression. That is why you must ensure that it contains all of the elements necessary for effectively capturing user and customer attention. Custom-built landing pages address your needs and provide a wide range of benefits with unlimited customization options, but sometimes pre-built landing pages are exactly what you need due to their availability and expert designs.

At the end of the day, it is all up to you. You must keep in mind all the aspects before choosing one for your website or business.

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