Industry-Specific WordPress Theme Customization

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Antonio C.

WordPress Theme Customization

Do you think your theme isn’t paying off the way you want it to? Or does it lack something essential? Does it not look how you want it to? WordPress allows you to customize your themes.

WordPress themes are groups of files (style sheets, codes, and graphics) written in a programming language, i.e., PHP, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. They are created to shape the overall appearance of your website and give it features and functionalities that help you control your website layout, colors, and many more.

Custom WordPress themes are themes built and designed for a specific business and its needs. A custom theme has a unique design, set of features, and layout that help you align your website with your brand and stand out among others in your industry.

Why Do You Need Theme Customization?

A custom theme costs a lot. Do you really think you need a custom theme? Themes deal with the appearance and design of your website. If your website lacks some functionality or feature, get a plugin instead. Below are the reasons for wanting a custom theme:

  • When template themes cannot fulfill the requirements of a given business.
  • You want your brand to stand out from the crowd.
  • You want to leverage a built-in SEO advantage to rank and see organic success.
  • You want to save time and resources by setting up customization and automation options

WordPress themes that can be customized:

WordPress has the competitive advantage of providing its website themes with customization options. It gives you more control and an extensive set of choices to design your website as you wish.

Template Theme Customization

Using the Customizer option in the admin bar, you can make changes to your WordPress template theme in no time. Template theme customization allows you to modify your WordPress website’s user interface to meet your specific business needs.

Premium Theme Customization

You can use the WordPress Customizer to edit and customize your premium theme. Although your premium themes are already packed with functionalities, you can still make them unique through the customizer. If the theme is complex, you can get a hand from WordPress development agencies that are very good at coding it for you.

Custom Themes

A custom theme is a unique theme built from scratch for your unique business needs. If you have a custom theme, you can change it as your business expands or if you want to keep up with market trends. You can delegate the task to an expert WordPress development agency or your developer, who knows how to add custom sections and write codes for you.

Ways to customize your WordPress theme

You can choose from the methods below to update and customize your WordPress website theme according to your demands, brand image, and the options that suit you best.

Custom Theme Coding (HTML, CSS, jQuery/JavaScript)

Custom themes can be customized using the programming languages. You just need to edit the theme code. If your theme is custom-built, you can edit the code directly. However, if it is a template or premium theme, you will have to create a child theme before editing the code so that you do not lose the changes once you update it.

Editing the theme’s group of files:

  • The stylesheet: You can edit the “style.css” codes to customize the layouts, fonts, colors, and more.
  • Function File: A theme’s features, like images, widgets, and many other functions, can be edited by making meticulous changes in “function.php” of the function file.
  • Theme Template Files: You can customize the template hierarchy code that determines the pages’ WordPress content outputs; for example, for categories, you make changes in “categories.php.”


Almost anyone with at least some knowledge of WordPress can customize their theme using the WordPress Customizer.

Go to the admin screen of your WordPress website after logging in and click the





Add your features, headers, social accounts, categories, and other options according to your needs.

Almost all new and updated themes in WordPress have unlimited customization options, and you can turn them into your own bespoke theme design to get highlighted, among others.


Most of the themes can be customized using the Customizer; however, some are complex and require advanced methods for customization. Page-builder is a plugin designed to set the theme of your website with the help of an interface.

Page-builders like Elementor allow you to edit pages and posts with their drag-and-drop functionality and interface, so that you can look at your website like a user.

Note: You must choose a page builder plugin compatible with your theme.

Theme framework

For some reason, if you do not want to use page builders, you can opt for “Theme Framework.” A theme framework is a group of files or a base in WordPress for developing themes. It handles theme functionalities and design. The framework has multiple customization options to build custom themes on top of that.

Some examples of theme frameworks are the Divi, Themify, and Ignition frameworks. These frameworks are used as a parent theme template with all the functionalities. The developers create a child theme to customize the website and save the changes accordingly.

The 10 Most Customizable WordPress Themes in 2023


Divi is a versatile theme that is easily understandable, flexible, and customizable without requiring code alteration. It helps you moderate the theme, like your ideal website. It has control functionality over several features and offers free trials.


Jevelin, along with its premium page builder, is a highly customizable theme for WordPress. You can make your theme as unique as you want. It offers numerous demonstrations and starter templates to choose from.


With 900,000+ downloads, Avada has shown its capability. It is one of the most user-friendly themes with unlimited customization. Its consistent framework allows jaw-dropping web design and styles giving unlimited customization.


Salient offers user-friendly customization options, among others. It has drag-and-drop options, making it easy to use. It can be used on all platforms and devices available to all users. Unlimited color palettes and layout options make Salient great for people looking for versatility and customization.


The7 has splendid responsiveness across all platforms and devices. It includes powerful WordPress plugins and customization options ready to help you get the most out of your website and your business.


Your blog or magazine website may be easily created with the aid of ColorMag. Ideal for any type of publication site, including news, magazines, and newspapers to construct any layout possible, fully compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin.


The Jupiter theme is SEO optimized, multi-lingual, and has RTL support. It is extremely extensible and developer friendly, and it makes use of Google and Adobe fonts. With Jupiter, you can get unique footers and headers per page. It has an auto-update feature and a plugin manager. Jupiter is well known for its customization of 404 pages.


With up to 400+ demonstrations and templates in its kit, TheGem offers amazing customization. It allows you to create customized layouts with the help of its drag-and-drop functionality. It guarantees performance on all platforms and devices while being completely responsive and compatible with all screens.


Composer builds website dreams with its customization tools. Having themes with Slider Revolution gives you 90+ demos and 200+ layout choices. With the help of WordPress Bakery, you can choose your theme color, headers, pages, and backgrounds and make changes to your heart’s content until it is what you dreamed of.


Bridge themes guarantee quality and attractive designs. Its features expand the website’s capabilities and functionalities. It offers a one-click demo importer that helps you import pre-made demonstrations. Bridge is versatile and adaptable and auto-updates the theme from time to time.

Themes are one of the most crucial parts of any website, including a WordPress website. You must choose it carefully, as it shapes your overall brand. Choose a scalable, versatile theme that adapts to your business situation. Eventually, you will have a theme that pays off.

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